Solusi khusus untuk jalur produksi motor

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According to your motor product and process requirements, we can R&D fully automatic motor production line. The motor production line only needs 1 or 2 people to operate, and it can be compatible with a variety of motor products. Using a fully automatic motor production line can save your labor costs to the greatest extent, improve production efficiency, and bring you more big orders.

HONEST's automatic motor production line includes: automobile motor production line, electric tool motor production line, household motor production line, office device motor production line, dust collector motor assembly line, gearbox automatic assembly line, fully automatic stator assembly line, fully automatic end cap assembly line, air pumps automatic assembly line, handset stud automatic welding machine, etc. We also provide assembly equipment for some segments of the motor. If you are looking for a motor automatic assembly solution, please contact us so that you can find motor production line solutions that meet your needs.